100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life


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100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life, written by best-selling author Luiz Otávio Barros, offers a fresh approach to helping B2, C1, TOEFL/IELTS, and Cambridge First/Advanced students learn phrasal verbs more effectively. Here’s what makes the book unique:

1. Instead of teaching hundreds of low-frequency phrasal verbs, we focus on 100 really common ones and teach them really well. 2. The phrasal verbs are grouped by topic so you can remember them more easily. 3. Each phrasal verb is supported by an average of 15 examples so you can really understand it. 4. All of the 1,500 example sentences were adapted from authentic sources (newspapers, blogs, TV shows, etc.) so you can learn how each phrasal verb is used in the real world. 5. The number of meanings per lesson is limited so you don’t get confused. 6. 100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life is light on terminology so you don’t get distracted by terms like “type 1” or “separable/inseparable.”

Phrasal verbs can be easier to learn than you think, especially at this level, and this book is a step in the right direction.

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1 avaliação para 100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life

  1. Jane Godwin Coury (comprador verificado)

    I highly recommend this practical book for high intermediate to advanced students who want to learn 100 common phrasal verbs inside out! The book is divided into sections grouped by topic. There are great exercises to check your progress at the end of each section. A lot of thought has gone into the explanations and examples (corpus informed).

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100 Phrasal Verbs to Learn for Life