Psychology of Anima and Animus

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Autor(a): Adão Jose Gonçalves da Cruz
Tradutor(a): Adão Jose Gonçalves da Cruz
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In this psychology essay we debate the hypothesis of the progeny of the number of the two beasts in the psychic-quantum processes of anima and animus, when analyzing the Apokalypsis of St. John and Daniel.

Other issues analyzed are the archetypal images projected in man’s subconscious, through the forces of Venus (♀). On the other hand, as archetypal images are projected into the subconscious of the woman, through the dynamic forces of Mars (♂). In both cases it is possible to evaluate the phenomenon of psychic entropy, when the woman (animates) risks assuming the male persona; while the man (the animus) risks assuming the female persona; however, when they manifest themselves in society they are known as homosexuality, intersex, etc., because they can present different biological conditions: natural and or through surgery.

However, it is necessary to understand that the persona is formed by the aspects of personality that we show publicly. Everyone needs to represent a character who meets the demands of society. The persona is that part of the personality that obeys these social demands. Often related to the profession we practice and the gender to which we belong in the different layers of different social classes and to various other social markers that are part of our life in society. Based on Jung’s studies (1985) in “The Self and the Unconscious”:

“The anima, being feminine, is the figure that compensates for male consciousness. In women, the compensating figure is of a masculine character and can be designated by the name of animus. If it is not simple to expose what one should understand by anima, it is almost insurmountable the difficulty of trying to describe the psychology of animus.”

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Psychology of Anima and Animus

Original price was: R$169,99.Current price is: R$134,57.