Quantum Neuropsychology


Autor(a): Adão José Gonçalves da Cruz
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Noting that in the 21st century Modern Science still cannot dissociate Life from Form and only conceives form when it presents itself solid, perceptible through the five classical senses. Modern Science discredits that life can exist in an obscure globe in formation, in a “World of Ideas”, which involves different space-times.
According to the ideas of Ernst Pascual Jordan, German theoretical physicist, who devoted himself mainly to the development of quantum mechanics, resulting from his work quantum field theory (QFT). The QFT is a set of mathematical ideas and techniques used to describe quantum physical systems that have an infinite number of degrees of freedom. QFT provides the theoretical structure used in various areas of physics, such as elementary particle physics, cosmology and condensed matter physics.
In this Essay, according to the neuropsychological hypotheses presented about Life and Form, authors assure that Life can exist independently of the concrete, tangible form. There may be forms that are not perceptible to our current and limited classical senses and not subject to any of the laws governing the current state of tangible things. For example, ideas, thoughts, feelings, archetypes, etc.
The quantum processes analyzed have become even more interesting because they are not intended only for people from the West or the East, or for a certain social class: they are real and natural events; they are unconscious and semi-conscious psychic-quantum processes that are happening in all human beings.

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Quantum Neuropsychology