Unfallen World

In the Garden

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Autor(a): Lucas Gonçalves
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What would the world look like if Adam and Eve would never have consumed the forbidden fruit? This fantasy takes its readers on a journey with its central characters Scarlett and Andrew, who are sucked into a mysterious old book inside Uncle Bernard’s library. After being taken to another world, they venture onto a life-changing discovery, a world much better than we know. A place where love is mutual amongst all and feelings of envy, hate, and despair seem to be unknown. A place where animals and human beings live as one. A place where everyone has not only a spiritual but a physical connection to the Creator. But there is no happiness known to the ones outside of the kingdom’s borders. The marked ones constantly are in an attempt to get into the kingdom through a portal similar to the ones Scarlett and Andrew came from. They want to eat the forbidden fruit of the Garden of Eden for immortality like the kingdom’s beings. Will Scarlett and Andrew find their way back home? Or will the marked ones find the portal and invade this peaceful reality? What role does destiny have in store for these two young kids?

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Unfallen World

Original price was: R$55,64.Current price is: R$44,05.