100 Habits to be highly productive

Do less and achieve more

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This book was tailor-made, testing the concept and effectiveness of each of the habits I presented. I never thought of writing a book, but I challenged myself, and it took less than a hundred days from its conception (the idea), writing process, revision, and publication. When I approached Barker Books, I didn’t have a single page written, but I told them: “I’ll deliver it in four weeks.” Although they were surprised at first, I did and we met the deadline.

I started this book thinking of only providing productivity tips, the ones I have been applying for years in my life and in the teams I led, but I came to the conclusion that, more than tips and suggestions, it is necessary, as it was for me, to effectively practice each proposal and turn them into a habit. Once we reach that level, we can actually do LESS and achieve MORE.

This book is divided into ten categories, each with ten suggested habits. These proposals are valid for both your professional and personal life; however, the most important thing is the commitment to start executing the actions proposed or that arise in your mind from your own life experiences. So, it will be a very practical book in which you will be able to create a reading routine that adjusts to your reality. You don’t have to read it in sequence, on the contrary, you can read one chapter a day or a week. In short, whatever is most convenient for you.

Beyond reading, the most important thing is action. For each habit, you will be able to apply some of the objective proposals I offer and also evaluate the degree of importance of each one and how much you already apply in your life. In addition, I also provide space and invite you to take notes, generating your own initiatives to implement the habits presented.

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100 Habits to be highly productive

Original price was: R$58,69.Current price is: R$46,46.