The Future is Digital

How internet is changing the world


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What is more difficult? Write the synopsis of a book or make it possible to print and sell the physical units of that book? Certainly printing and selling is much more complicated, since not only books, but many of the things we use on a daily basis are becoming digital.

The predictions are frightening, will we live in a future where machines will dominate us as in the dystopian film Matrix? Will the leading machine be smarter than our current president?

Really the future is an unknown place, the more we think about it the less certainty we have of how it will actually be, but surely the internet will have a fundamental role in your daily life, whatever your profession, your hobby, or activity you dream to accomplish.

Embark on these reflective texts where the author scans the dependence of human beings on this tool called the internet that dominated our current life.

Who would have said 30 years ago that phone cards would become museum pieces? Would paper maps become something we only see in pirate movies? Would queuing up at the bank to pay a simple bill be outdated?

Anyway, there is so much information that does not fit in a simple synopsis, get the book, read and see.

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The Future is Digital