Esoteric Psychology and the Myth of the Cave


Autor(a): Adão José Gonçalves da Cruz
Tradutor(a): Adão José Gonçalves da Cruz
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Since ancient Greece the human being seeks the Truth of things outside himself, in the world and in its context of the world. In the twenty-first century, humanity is rescuing the teachings of Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle in search of self-knowledge.

Is it possible to discern from the arguments of Gorgias (the sophist), who defended the impossibility of knowledge in a stable and definitive sense? “There is nothing that can be known; if it could be known it could not be communicated; if it could be communicated it could not be understood.” Consequently, the arguments of Gorgias (the sophist) have become obsolete and unfounded, as can be seen in this psychology essay.

Based on the conceptions congruent to the ideas of other authors from different disciplines, the academic, interdisciplinary discussions are part of the and different scientific scenarios. Psychology seeks some solution to bring together the fragmentation of knowledge, from the passage from mythical to philosophical-scientific thought, in search of a cure for their patients. Part of this solution is presented and analyzed in this psychology essay. There-fore, it is the duty of Esoteric Psychology to use its philosophical-scientific knowledge, with its theoretical-methodological orientations on the World of Ideas to present in the best possible way the lessons that the World of the Senses should teach us.

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Esoteric Psychology and the Myth of the Cave