Money: Freedom or Slavery?

The history they don't want you to know!

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Autores: Rodrigo Costa Braga,

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Banks financed the Renaissance, bond markets decided wars, stock exchanges built empires, and financial collapses triggered revolutions. Soon, we will have a new monetary system and few are prepared for it. Before solving this problem, it is necessary to understand what we have. This work was created to fill in the information gaps that prevent many people from realizing what is happening around them and preparing for the next events. Our modern financial system is something that has never existed in human history. For better or for worse, this system is doomed to ruin. The cracks in the marble ceilings and glass palaces are already occurring and becoming more visible. This work was done to clarify all the events that led to our current situation and what steps we can take to protect ourselves from the imminent collapse. I invite you to travel through the financial history of humanity with a simple, easy, and didactic language to clarify all the events that led to our current situation. In this way, you can protect your assets and thrive even more.

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Money: Freedom or Slavery?

Original price was: R$53,98.Current price is: R$42,73.