Universe of Nature of the Psyche:

The Absence of Time


Autor(a): Adão José Gonçalves da Cruz
Tradutor(a): Adão José Gonçalves da Cruz
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Psychological time is different from time in the chemical region of the physical world. Psychological time is the period of continuous psychic manifestation in which the archetype of anima and animus assume different activities in the nature of the psyche when the Ego lives its subjective and objective experiences through the collective unconscious and the personal unconscious. It is the quantum time generated by germinal ideas and then, when revitalized, by experiences in the physical world, because they are assimilated as archetypal forces. It is time in the nature of the psyche that widens and contracts according to the state of mind, or consciousness of the person.
For example, there are different psychic-quantum activities in the nature of the psyche, because the theory of relativity says that time can contract and expand to two observers moving at different speeds. The psyche there are two observers who move at different speeds and spaces: anima and animus.
Therefore, anima, being feminine, is the figure that compensates for male consciousness. In women, the compensating figure is of a masculine character and can be designated by the name of animus. As stated by C. G. Jung, “if it is not simple to expose what one should understand by anima, it is almost insurmountable the difficulty of trying to describe the psychology of animus”.
In this essay, it is possible to observe the psychology of anima and animus, as well as the lack of time in the Collective Unconscious and the space-times in the personal unconscious, based on the theories of Immanuel Kant, in “Critique of Pure Reason” and Albert Einstein, in “Theory of Restricted Relativity”.

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