Conversations With My Diary

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Autor(a): Tasso Cesar
Ilustrador(a): Cai Dongdong
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Conversations With My Diary é um livro totalmente em inglês onde o autor manteve conversas com o seu diário para procurar entender melhor o processo de um término que o acometeu durante o seu processo de imigração no Canadá. Questões como mudanças de moradia, mudanças de trabalho, amizades ruindo e uso de entorpecentes são citados ao longo do livro. Livro esse que cobre os últimos 3 anos e meio em que o autor se encontrava na província de British Columbia no Canadá. Este livro aborda temas relacionados a prática de benching, gaslighting, ghosting e orbiting.

PS: Contém gatilhos relacionados a situações sensíveis, adicção, ansiedade, ataques de pânico, depressão e suicídio.

How practices as Benching ,Gaslighting ,Ghosting, and Orbiting could affect deeply someone’s mental health? What happens when you end up spiraling out of control…losing grip, and reaching out for wrong ways to cope with your significant other ubiquitous absence in your daily life?

At first, this book was not even a book. At first, I was writing this in a way to reduce my crazy caffeine intake that was going off the roof. Took me a considerable time to notice that the number of energy drinks that I was taking could have been considered as some of my suicide attempts. Sometimes it is hard to see your inner light.

Sometimes it’s quite hard to leave your dark place, especially when you got pushed there by your significant other…

I also wrote it for coping with my shattered self-esteem by someone who had a huge importance in my world, and back then, that person used to be a daily presence for the past 3 years. So, after being gaslighted and ghosted I had to deal with the impact and consequences of an absence so present that made my depression and anxiety come back ten times stronger than before. So while listening to my favorite artists I figured that if they could help someone thru their experiences. Maybe some positive can also come from someone reading what I have been thru for the past 4 years in my dark place.

I kept Conversations with my Diary in a way to cope with everything that was crumbling around me when every door seemed to be closing on me…

Journaling was for a little bit, at least a way for keeping me grounded while I felt that I was in the midst of chaos in 2018/19

A raw portray and access to its author’s mind and his deepest desires and feelings…

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Conversations With My Diary

Original price was: R$54,32.Current price is: R$43,00.