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The Shadow of The Wizard


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“There Can Be No Virtue Without Freedom…”

Khalamôrdo, the magnificent, has set his plan in motion long ago. In his search for answers to fundamental questions, the mysterious mage is bound to change the fate of his whole world forever. Now, only one thing stands between him and his dream. He must build a gigantic stone tower that will raise him to the heavens.

In a brilliant tale of hardship and endurance, the saga of the wizards’ slaves unveils. Inspired by the song ‘Stargazer’, from the legendary band ‘Rainbow’, the story is packed with the symbology of Rock’n’Roll culture.

Embark on this journey, which will both instigate profound reflections about the true meaning of freedom, and engage you through mystery and compelling arguments.

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14,8 x 20,9 cm



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