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Castle Queenside



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Chess, an art? A simple game? A science? Just a sport? Yes, chess is all that and more, we literally have a war going on on a board. This book contains everything a beginner chess player needs to know in order to start playing with dignity.

Content of the book:
– The origin and history of chess
– Benefits of chess
– The concept of war
– The chess board
– Movement and capture of chess pieces
– Check, checkmate and elementary mattes
– Special movement 1: Promotion of the pawn
– Special movement 2: Castle and Castle Queenside
– Special Movement 3: Capture En Passant
– Parts value
– Main tactical themes
– Great chess players in history
– Chess appearances in various media
– Main doubts about chess
– + Extra content

If you happen to be a player for some time, here you will find lots of information and curiosities about the whole universe of board games, from its origin to the present day.

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