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Have you ever played with a Rubik’s Cube during your childhood? Did you make some moves and then give up because you found it impossible to solve? Did you miss it because you couldn’t bring all 6 colors together at all? Learning to solve the Rubbik’s Cube you learn in theory and practice how to assimilate a technique, you learn to learn and understand how to overcome difficulties. You develop and improve perhaps the most important skill of all, the ability to solve problems.

Embark on this fantastic journey in the cube universe:
– Learn to solve the Rubik’s Cube with the basic method.
– Complete Fridrich method with 2 algorithms for each of the 119 cases.
– Learn the history of the most famous puzzle in the world.
– Challenge your limits by knowing other puzzles.
– Understand the modalities of official resolutions.
– Meet the greatest cubists in Brazil and the world.
– Full glossary of cubist terms, acronyms and records.
– List of appearances of the rubik’s cube in films, series and other media.
– List of curiosities about the 3x3x3 magic cube.
– List of 3x3x3 magic cube patterns.
– Complete basic method of solving Square-1.
– + Extra content.

Will you solve this cube or leave it adorning the bookcase just as a piece of decoration? Learn a simple resolution technique and gain motivation to get other projects out of your life on paper.
Understand the inner workings of the cube with several illustrations and entertain yourself in this light reading and in a very good mood.

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