Jackie, The Clown

A fable for grown children

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Autor(a): Lara One
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This is a modern fable for grown children. The story is based on the vision of the protagonist Jackie, a cloth clown, who ends up in a dump among scavengers, observing and gradually learning about the world and humans through the garbage. Jackie will passing from hand to hand, getting to know people and cultures and asking himself questions humans don’t like to ask.

An extraordinary fact happens and Jackie becomes a person at night and during the day he becomes a toy again. This twist makes everything more confusing, until he meets the nice and tough waitress Ruby Dee, willing to help the clown man, but not knowing that he is also a toy.

In his journey human-toy, Jackie works as a garbage man at night, in the harsh reality of men, living in unusual, dramatic and comic situations, always with the innocent gaze of a cloth clown, about things, feelings and people. The innocent Jackie brings deep reflections on our plastic and recyclable society, making us rethink the figure of the clown. All this without leaving aside the primordial feeling that makes us human: love.

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Jackie, The Clown

Original price was: R$58,35.Current price is: R$46,20.