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William K, Was, and has always been a highly autistic boy, since high school, when he sat on the benches in the cafeteria and couldn’t get out, where all the other boys and girls gathered, he kept talking to himself, and watching the other few who stayed too, he was always harassed at school, as he would come to be several times in his life. Since adolescence, he was surrounded by stories of a fisherman, his father and uncle, but as an adult, he decides to explore a much “larger” world and ends up traveling to Europe to find the truths he’s been looking for since adolescence, being robbed and after that he goes to see the world with its true face.

Copper doesn’t rest until it turns into gold.
Mirad has revealed to you what was hidden: the alchemical work is with you and among you, and because it is always within you, you will always have it present, wherever it may be, on earth or sea. Morieno kept silence for a long time, and at the end he answered: Oh, Majesty, I am going to confess to you the truth, that God, in His great mercy, has placed this extraordinary thing in you, wherever it may be, He is always with you, and cannot separate Himself from you…! Therefore, what constitutes the foundation of the work, its true matter, is the very nature of man

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