Fundamentals of Esoteric Psychology


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The Fundamentals of Esoteric Psychology can be observed in Esoteric Theology developed in the New Testament (Holy Bible). Through these Christian methods, one can deeply understand the progeny of the Collective Unconscious and the progeny of the formation of Archetypes, because it directs humanity to the psychic-quantum process of individuation.

Through this analysis, the psychic-quantum processes of individuation become even more interesting because they are not intended only for people from the West or the East, or for a certain social class: they are real and natural events; they are unconscious and semi-conscious psychic-quantum processes that are happening in all human beings, through psychic metadata.

Its psychological importance is to assist in the renewal of the facts that neurobiology, neuropsychology, and neuropsychiatry are treated, because they intertwine our current psychic existence; however, modern science cannot yet judge how psychic-quantum changes occur in deeper terms in the nature of the psyche. With this observation, by psychological way, it is the case of the present humanity in relation to the macrocosm, because humanity, in general, is restricted to the microcosm in its compact dimension, that is, in personality.

Our own soul growth depends on the archetypes we create and develop in the nature of the psyche. That is why we connect by thoughts and feelings with other people, even unconsciously. This is one of the purposes of the psychic-quantum process of individuation: to make conscious connection with all people and hierarchies that are in different space-times.

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Fundamentals of Esoteric Psychology