Psychic-quantum Processes of Individuation


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According to the studies of C. G. Jung, individuation or self-realization is also called psychological rebirth. The individual becomes an entire person, because individuation integrates the opposite poles of personality into a homogeneous system by a process. This means that the person has all the psychological components functioning in harmony, without any atrophied psychic process.

The reader will realize in this Essay that the Theory of Relativity, the Einstein-Rosen Bridge Theory and the Bose-Einstein Condensates have unified my research with studies of the nature of the psyche and psychic-quantum processes analyzed by C. G. Jung.

This study is aimed at all people who seek self-help, as well as who study, research and evaluate the emotional development and mental and social processes of individuals, groups and institutions, with the purpose of analysis, treatment, guidance and education, who diagnose and evaluate emotional and mental disorders and social adaptation, elucidating conflicts and issues and accompanying patients during the treatment or cure process. However, they investigate unconscious factors of individual and group behavior, making them aware, who develop experimental, theoretical and clinical research and coordinate teams and activities of area and related.

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Psychic-quantum Processes of Individuation